Taiyuan Fengrut was one of the projects I was involved in during my Internship with Henn Architects. The project was located in the Shanxi capital of Taiyuan, and the brief was to create buildings that could house commercial activity, banking offices and a SOHO. All spread over two adjacent sites.

The sites, that weren't very large to begin with for a high rise project, had a lot of set back restrictions to make way for the new regeneration project of the urban area surrounding the site.

The design team at Henn consisted of 6 people to conduct simultaneous projects, meaning that they gave me the SOHO section of the Taiyuan project to design alone. We had to present two options to the client, and the design of the SOHO had to run in accordance with the adjacent building design agreed on through multiple brainstorming sessions. The SOHO also had commercial space on the first three levels which then dissipated into small studio apartments that were typical of a Chinese SOHO building. My contribution to the project also involved creating the site model, which was used throughout the design process and in making the final renders, as will as the diagrams used to explain the designs to the client. The design programmes used were predominantly Rhino and AutoCAD with all diagrams produced using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Option A

Option B