The "Jongo das Garrafas" is the result of a workshop I was part of in Studio X Brazil. A large group of 13 British students and 13 Brazilian students were picked and then split into 5 smaller groups. We were then posed with the proposition of creating furniture for a new dance school in the favela of Serrinha with found objects and timber.

Our resulting project was a 'pocket workshop' that provided all the tools necessary to turn waste plastic bottles into woven textiles. The main structure consisted of a weaving table, with an inbuilt Loom that could be removed and adjusted in angle, a bottle shredding tool that easily converted the bottle into one length of plastic yarn and a bobbin that was attached to the table, so the yarn could be stored as it was made from the bottle.

In addition we constructed two stools which had plastic woven seats and a bag, in order to show some of the potential uses of this plastic yarn.

In addition a storyboard was required as an accompanying explanation of the project which I put together for our group.